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Born 1993 in Hanoi, Vietnam. Currently lives and works in Vietnam and United Kingdom.

Bach Vu is a self taught artist who began his practice at the age of 14, inspired by his father, who is also a painter.

Employing a visual language at the intersection of abstraction and figuration, Bach Vu tries to explore the complexity and interconnectedness of reality; and how all beings are encompassing themselves within this ever increasing complexity. His subject matter frequently favours large natural mindscapes, distorted figures, mystical characters and often provokes a sense of being comfortably lost in the realm of physical and metaphysical worlds.

Acknowledging the miseries inherent in the human condition and our urge to soothe the soul, Bach Vu’s canvases consciously seek to immerse viewers in a dreamlike state. In this realm, we are promised healing from trauma, forgiveness for our shame, and relief from our mundane burdens.

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